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Jetboil 1.5L Cook Pot

Our Price: $53.95 ($6.00 savings)
MSRP: $59.95
Item #: 7760008


Jetboil's 1.5 liter cooking pot for Jetboli stoves offers cooking versatility with a wide-open form factor that makes it easy to cook for larger group outings and meals.  The Fluxring heat exchanger technology increases stove efficiency and provides even heating.  Folding wire handles and insulating cozy make for safe and easy handling, as well as enhanced heat retention. Plastic base cover works as a serving plate or bowl.

(Requires pot support kit for use with PCS burner. Not compatible with Helios.)

Dimensions      7.0" x 4.5" diameter, packed (175 mm x 110 mm)
Weight               12 oz (340 g)
Volume              51 oz (1.5 Liters)


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