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ski Rentals from the Alpineer in Crested Butte Colorado

ALPINEER BackCountry SKI RENTALS - Crested Butte

We offer daily rates for ski rentals. Check our descriptions below for details,
or call (970) 349-5210 for information and reservations.

Crested Butte Ski Rentals

We have both telemark and alpine touring rental packages.

Reserve a ski package in advance: Request a Reservation

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Helio 95
Black Diamond Helio 95 -
Combining traditional touring dimensions with an ultralight design and modern shape, the Helio 95 has the technical chops for far-flung objectives and local steeps, while maintaining a balanced flex and fun, forgiving performance in deep snow.

Black Diamond Helio 105
Black Diamond Helio 105 -
Designed for dedicated backcountry skiers who demand both technical precision and soft-snow performance, the versatile Helio 105 features a pre-preg carbon fiber layup that makes it extremely light with a balanced flex and supreme edge control.

Black Diamond Helio 116 Black Diamond Helio 116 -
The premier ultralight powder ski for untracked lines, steep faces and technical objectives in deep conditions, the Helio 116 features a pre-preg carbon fiber layup that makes it extremely light while maintaining stiff, progressive flex and hard-charging performance.


Dynafit Cho Oyo Dynafit Cho Oyo -
The most modern technology combined with high-tech materials offers a never-before-seen surface area/weight/performance ratio. The perfect ski for expeditions, high-mountain tours and long climbs without giving up any performance on the descent.

Dynafit Chugach Dynafit Chugach -
When Freeriders conquer virgin territory by mountaineering means what is needed are concepts in skis that perfectly unite both worlds. Optimal weight-to-mass ratios, Double Ellipse Rocker construction as well as special shape features that combine maximum edging on steep, icy terrain for the entire range of types of snow. This is our answer to this fascinating "sport" on the mountain.

Dynafit Denali Dynafit Denali -
Rounding off the high-end range alongside Nanga Parbat and Cho Oyo is the Denali, whose cutting-edge technology and high-tech materials deliver a surface-to-weight performance ratio not seen until now. The perfect choice for long downhill runs after those human-powered ascents.

Dynafit Mansulu Dynafit Mansulu -
Derived from the Cho Oyo model high-end range, the Manaslu with its scoop rocker and flex tip construction guarantees easy turn initiation and a wide range of application – even in tough snow conditions it delivers an impressively smooth ride and rapid elastic recovery.

Womens Dynafit Mansulu, Women's -
Its light-weight wood-core construction and the use of high-performance laminates create an ideal balance between weight and performance. Ideal for women who love a variety of tours, and the descents that follow.

Womens Dynafit PDG -
Based on the DyNA Ski race development, the PDG appeals to both ambitious ski mountaineers as well as ski runners seeking a lightweight ski that cuts you some slack and offers a wide range of applications.


Reserve a ski package in advance: Request a Reservation

For reservations, ski packages and pricing please call (970) 349-5210.


Ski, Ski Gear and Snowshoe Pricing Per Day

Tele/AT package   $51.95
Tele/AT skis only   $47.95
Tele/AT boots only   $19.95
Complete Tele/AT backcountry package(includes; skis, boots, poles,
avalanche transceiver, climbing skins, shovel, probe)
Nordic ski package   $21.95
Avalanche package (includes; avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe)   $19.95
Snow shovels   $6.95
Probes   $6.95
Avalanche transceivers   $14.95
Climbing skins   $14.95
Backpacks   $9.95
Snowshoe package   $16.95

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